How To Prep For Your Lash Client

You always want to make sure that you are prepared and ready to go for each one of your clients! Here's our prep checklist to help you make your appointments go as smoothly as possible: 

1. Turn on music. We recommend some soft, chill music that clients can relax and/ or nap to. 

2. Sanitize your space using disinfectant wipes. This includes the lash bed, your trolley, your stool and all other surfaces you may touch during the appt. 

3. Sterilize your tweezers. We recommend using Pre-Empt CS20 to soak and sterilize your tweezers as it is a medical grade sterilizing solution that kills 100% of all dirt, bacteria and debris. 

4. Grab the lash tile that you will be using for your client and clean it and replace any used lash strips with new ones. 

5. Place fresh towel down for where your client's head will lay and grab an additional towel to place over the clients forehead once they are laying down to ensure that you aren't laying your hands over their forehead the whole appointment (it can cause discomfort, skin irritations and or acne for sensitive clients). 

6. Shake adhesive for 30 seconds. 

7. Wash your hands. 


It's as easy as that! Having these steps done before your client shows up will help ensure that the appointment runs smoothly and saves you some time!

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