"Mega volume" lashes are a look many aspire to, but if you were to believe marketing claims, a good mascara alone is enough to create this dramatic look.

Except, anyone who’s tried these products knows that there’s nothing quite dramatic or "mega" about just mascara. For the real deal, you need a set of mega-volume eyelash extensions that can provide support to create the fan look many people are looking for.

Mega volume lashes are similar to the traditional volume lashes that many already use. The main difference between them is that a mega volume lash extension set uses .05 and .03 lash extensions to create a fan with up to 16 lash extensions, which is significant compared to classic lash extensions, which generally has a 1:1 ratio.

Mega volume lashes allow for a denser and darker look without making your client’s eye feel heavy and need to work harder to support the weight of the fan. They also last between 3-5 weeks without any issues.

 Lashiivo’s Mega Volume Lash Trays

Lashiivo offers a set of mega volume lash trays that will allow you to create the dramatic fan look safely. Our extensions are rich black and hand-crafted to offer a unique look to every client, and utilize a material that is soft, ultra-light, and has a semi-gloss look.

The Lashiivo products are designed to empower lash artists to take their craft to their next level, as all our products facilitate easy application and allow you to quickly create the look your clients want.

Lashes are made from a Korean PBT material that offers the highest level of quality and has a ⅓ taper which can allow you to create a bold look easily. All our extensions go through a double-heated process that can increase retention and durability, and come with an orange strip that increases visibility when you need to fan on the strip.

Other important characteristics of our mega volume lashes include:

  • Volume lash trays come with 16 lines of lashes, roughly 30% more than most lash trays on the market.
  • They include a foil-backed strip that prevents residue from sticking to the tile.
  • Each strip is clearly labeled with the diameter, length, and curl of the extension, allowing you to quickly identify this information when needed.
  • No blue hues are present in any of our lash extension products, offering the perfect pitch-black look for a breathtaking fan.

The mega volume lash trays provide the best material to create symmetrical fans with ease, an essential component for any mega volume lash extension application. An equally spaced fan is important not just for the look, but also the feel of the lashes, as they create weight balance which increases retention, feels light on the eye, and protects the natural lashes of the client.

In terms of quality, resistance, and ease of use, the Lashiivo products are the perfect examples that mega volume lashes are an accessible look for everyone, and every lash artist!


Create the Perfect Mega Volume Lash Look with Lashiivo

Lashiivo aims to help lash artists perfect their craft and access high-quality lash products that will empower them to create seamless lash looks for all their clients - and one that lasts.

All our products are hand-tested, cruelty-free, and designed to help the lash artist bring a level of sophistication to their craft, which is why the lash extension trays are designed to be of the utmost quality.

If you want to discover why the best lash extension professionals can’t stop raving about our mega volume eyelash extensions, purchase your very own tray today!

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