Eyelash tweezers are the secret weapon all professional technicians need to create those fine details in the lashes that complete a look.

In fact, the eyelash extension tweezer is the tool that will likely remain in your hand throughout the entire lash application process, making it all the more important to choose the right one.

Lashiivo offers a great variety of professional lash tweezers that can allow you to achieve every single eyelash style you need for your clients. But before you make a purchase, we’d recommend you spend a few minutes with us to learn more about what these eyelash extension tweezers truly have to offer.

Why Choosing the Right Professional Lash Tweezer Is Important for You:

Lash technicians who only now start to develop artistry might not appreciate the complete benefit of good lash extension tweezers, but take it from us: they can make or break your work.

This tool can genuinely affect the outcome of your work, as the role of the eyelash extension tweezer is to support your craft, allow for easy lash application, and empower you to create the perfect look your client wants. Additionally, the right set increases the safety of your work and makes the process more comfortable for your clients.

Choosing the Right Lashiivo Eyelash Extension Tweezer:

Looking to isolate some lashes?

If the natural lashes are not isolated, you end up interrupting the natural shedding process of the lashes, making them stick together and come off a lot faster than their own pace may have dictated.

It’s also a question of comfort. If the lashes are glued to a single fan or extension, the client will not have a good time with their eyelash extensions, which can impact client retention rates.

Therefore, choosing the right eyelash extension tweezer for isolation is so important.

Here are the best Lashiivo eyelash extension tweezers for lash isolation:

  • Aroah - provides light tension
  • Hygge - provides medium tension for straight isolation
  • Kefi - a lightweight 14cm tweezer perfect for longer-length isolation

Looking for a set of volume or mega volume lash extension tweezers?

Not all professional lash tweezers can help you achieve the perfect volume or mega volume lash look. And considering this is the top style clients want, you really do need to pay close attention to the type of tweezers you choose.

For instance, a pair of straight tweezers will never allow you to achieve this look because you cannot pick the lashes carefully with them.

Volume and mega volume lash extensions need a set of long tweezers that come with a twist or curve at the tip. This will allow you to quickly pick up even smaller lashes and quickly go through the process.

Here are some of our best tweezers for volume and mega volume extensions:

  • Mars - an S-curved tweezer
  • Sulit - a boot tweezer perfect to pick up 2 - 12D fans
  • Ziba - perfect 90° tweezer for volume fans up to 9D
  • Opia - an L-style tweezer ideal for 10D lashes (our most popular one!)

How to Care for Your Lashiivo Professional Lash Tweezers:

Eyelash extension tweezers are one of your most important tools, so caring for them is vital to ensure the safety and comfort of your client.

We recommend:

  • Sterilizing the tweezers in medical-grade solutions or autoclave
  • Never leaving your tweezers in these solutions overnight
  • Storing the tweezers in our sterile, covered holder right after sanitation

With these practices, your tweezers will be kept in the best conditions!

Ready to Shop?

Every single Lashiivo eyelash extension tweezer is made by and hand-tested by lash artists, for lash artists.

Check out our selection now, and purchase your new favorite eyelash extension tweezer today!

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