Sure, selecting the best lashes for your clients is important, but how much thought are you putting into the adhesive?

Thanks to professional eyelash extensions, people can finally experience that professional false-lash look long-term.

But, a lot of that is thanks to the right eyelash extension adhesive. The good ones aren't just designed to make sure the lash sticks properly, but that it also does not affect the natural lashes. And that's not an easy path to cross. Lashiivo's professional lash extension glue walks it smoothly.


Picking the Right Adhesive: Choose Wisely!

Eyelash extension glue uses cyanoacrylate as a base ingredient. Though individual formulas may vary depending on the brand, this compound is what ultimately gives the glue its ability to hold the lash in place.

And with the growing popularity of these procedures also comes a boom in the number of products professionals like yourself can use. But, what actually makes a good lash glue? 

  • Consistency: Eyelash extension adhesive can be thick, thin, watery - you name it. Choosing the type of consistency isn’t necessarily going to affect how long the lash will last, but it will boil down to your personal preference.

    The consistency should be the one you’re most comfortable working with. If you mostly work with thicker ones, switching to a watery consistency can be a bit of a learning curve, so it’s best to practice a bit before the client drops by.

  • Drying Time: If you’re just starting as a lash technician, you’ll likely want to work with an adhesive that has a slightly longer drying time to give you enough space to properly work. As your technique speeds up, you can go for smaller drying times, even as small as 0.5 seconds!

  • Hold Time: It’s the question you’ll get asked most often by your clients: how long will the lashes hold?

    Eyelash extension glue with optimal retention coupled with a good application technique is the two factors that will most likely dictate your success in the industry!

    Most glues have retention of around 5 weeks with the proper maintenance, but there are some products on the market that can last up to 8 weeks before needing to come back in for a touch-up.

  • Fume Levels: Eyelash glue needs to cure, not just to dry. This means the glue hardens, but while the curing process takes place, the client can be exposed to the fumes from the glue. This is not ideal, as it can lead to a bad reaction to the glue, especially if the client has sensitive skin.

    Opting for glues with low fume levels helps prevent this problem, as does controlling the humidity in the application room. Together, even clients with more sensitive skin can enjoy the perks of professional eyelash extensions.

  • Volume: Volume lashes need a special kind of glue that can make sure the lashes don’t collapse mid application. Usually, you want a quick-drying professional lash extension glue whenever you’re doing a volume look.

Discover the Lashiivo Line

Lashiivo’s professional lash extension glue line is designed to give technicians access to glues they can rely on, and their clients will love! Our unique lash glue formulas are designed to suit even more sensitive clients and support your technique to create a final, perfect lash look that holds for up to 8 weeks.

Feel free to look through our products and discover for yourself why so many professionals can’t get enough of our eyelash extension adhesives.



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