Classic eyelash extensions are the secret to a bright look, making your eyes look bigger and more defined. They can also give you that extra pop, whether you are wearing make-up or not. Classic eyelash extensions are the most popular choice both for beginners and for those who have more experience with wearing extensions that want a more subtle look. If you are ready to start your professional eyelash technician career, check out our courses for current offerings!

Classic lash extensions are natural-looking, and they are the best options if your clients are getting extensions for the first time, or if your client prefers them not to be obvious at all. They won’t add dramatic accents to your look and their thickness and length match natural lashes, enhancing them.


Lashiivo's Classic Lash Trays

The classic eyelash extension trays we offer at Lashiivo are premium-quality, pristine-looking lashes made from Korean PBT, a synthetic hypoallergenic material with a gorgeous sheen and a curl that holds up. Our trays come with 16 lines of lashes, 30% more than the average tray, giving you enough material to work on and a great opportunity to learn how to apply them if you are a beginner. Fanning on the strip is made easy by the orange, contrasting line, while the foil-back strip prevents any sticky residue on your tile. We have labeled each strip with the curl, diameter, and length for your convenience. We also guarantee no blue hues that would make your classic lashes seem less natural.


Noir Collection Classic Eyelash Extension Trays

One of the most stunning sets of lashes we are happy to present is the Lashiivo Noir Collection, ultra-black extensions that will give you a denser, more dramatic look, while keeping their natural-looking qualities, sheen, and curl. With the Noir Collection, our lash extensions undergo three separate black dyeing sessions to achieve that deep, dark black you need to curate a truly amazing look.

One detail about our flat classic lash extensions that has made our fans crazy about the Noir Collection is the subtle flattened curl of the extensions, which gives a fabulous dramatic effect on these classic lashes. These types of lashes are still ultra-lightweight and perfectly fitting your client’s lash line while changing the intensity of their eyes and their architecture with the most subtle effect.

If you are interested in achieving a versatile look or you haven’t tested our brand yet, go with the mixed-length lash trays in our classic eyelash extension tray line. These lash trays have lashes of different lengths, to ensure that your client’s lashes still look natural, but they can easily enhance glam make-up for a special evening or event. Single-length trays show the same qualities, and you can opt for them once you are sure of the length that looks best on your clients.


Get the Best-Looking Classic Eyelash Extension Trays from the Experts

Lash extensions can help your clients achieve the desired look, make their eyes pop, and breathe life into their appearance. But, to help them get what they want, you need quality products.

Manually tested, carefully manufactured with top-notch technologies and materials, we are proud to say that Lashiivo extensions have gained their reputation in the lash extension community, and charmed hundreds of customers with their quality and ease of use.

We aim to inspire artists, as well as women of different styles and experience levels to enhance the beauty and take it to another level, by offering a high-quality product that works magic. All our products are hand-tested, cruelty-free, and carefully formulated to eliminate the risk of allergies and to maintain the health of your natural lashes.

Discover why lash extension professionals are raving about our classic lashes and shop our classic eyelash extension tray selection today!


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