This tweezer will send you to another planet with it's insanely good pick up. Mars is your go to S curved tweezer for classic, volume or mega volume lashing. We recommend using this tweezer for the "shimmy method". 

This tweezer is has low tension, a large sweet spot and is perfect for both classic and / or volume lashing techniques. 

Each tweezer is carefully crafted, calibrated, and aligned with quality and precision in mind by our experienced tweezer artisans. Our tweezers are designed with an exclusive ultra light-weight, Japanese Stainless Steel. Once constructed the tweezers are then coated in a rich black plasma coating to create an extremely sleek and precise tweezer for master lash artists. All tweezers are tested rigorously by our in house master lash artists at our Canadian HQ located in Regina, SK. Our tweezers have a large sweet spot that allow artists to easily pick up 8D fans in all diameters.

High quality tweezers require high quality care. Instructions for proper care: 

- Sterilize tweezers in a medical grade sterilizing solution (we reccomend Pre-Empt CS20). It is essential that you DO NOT to not leave the tweezers in the solution for longer than the recommended time. 

- Store tweezers in a covered, sterile container once sterilized. We recommend our Tweezer Display Stand. Be sure to always fully dry the tweezers off before placing them into your desired storage container. 

- Do not file, bend or alter the tweezers. 

- Ensure that the tweezer is only ever used for lashing purposes. Do not grab strips of lashes from the tray with the tweezer as it can damage the tweezer. 

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