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Article: Understanding Lash Weights and Conversions

Understanding Lash Weights and Conversions
Lash Education

Understanding Lash Weights and Conversions

The Importance of Understanding Lash Extension Weights

Understanding the weights and conversions of lash extensions is an important first step in every single lash application. Every client's natural lashes are different, and every single natural lash in general is different, therefore each natural lash has different extension needs.
The weight of the extension you can apply depends on the thickness and length of the clients natural lashes. Your job is to choose the correct weights and fan dimensions for each natural lash in order to keep the client's natural lashes healthy and undamaged. Using extensions that are too heavy will inevitably weigh down, break, and damage natural lashes over time. 


Choosing Correct Weights for Volume Fans

Like we stated earlier, you should always consider the length and thickness of your client's natural lashes when choosing the weight of your extensions. 
When calculating the dimension of a volume fan, you should first determine the weight of a classic extension that your client's natural lash can hold. To do so, choose a diameter that either matches, or is thinner than the thickness of the client's natural lash. Once you have determined the diameter of classic lash your client's natural lash can hold, you'll be able to determine the weight and dimension of your volume fans. 
For clients with thin natural lashes, it is best to use a 0.10mm or 0.12mm classic lash.
For clients with healthy natural lashes, it is best to use a 0.15mm classic lash.
For clients with strong natural lashes, you can use a 0.18mm, and possibly even a 0.20mm classic lash (though this is not recommended for any lash).


Fan Size Conversion Chart

Here is a conversion chart for each diameter of volume lashes. After you have determined the diameter of classic lash your client can handle, use this chart to determine how big you can make your volume or mega volume fans.

Lashiivo Extension Weights

This is a chart of all diameters of lash extension that Lashiivo carries. This showcases the weight of one singular extension of each diameter. This chart will make it easier for you to calculate the amount of lashes you can put into your fans to a T.



Understanding Weight VS. Diameter

Diameter does not equal weight. Ever wonder why two 0.10mm extensions is not equal to one 0.20mm extension? One 0.10mm extension weighs roughly 0.09mg, whereas one 0.20mm extension weighs roughly 0.34mg. When placing two 0.10mm lashes inside one 0.20mm lash, there is a substantial amount of negative space that has no weight to account for. Here is a little graphic to help you understand:      

We hope this helps you understand and properly determine the weights of your lash extensions! Happy (and safe) lashing!!

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