Q: What is the difference between clear and black adhesives?

The main difference between the two adhesives is that clear adhesives do not contain Carbon Black which is one of the main components in black adhesives. 

Clear adhesives often achieve a stronger bond with the natural lash resulting in better retention as they contain more of the bonding agent (cyanoacrylate) than the black adhesives that are diluted with carbon black. Clear adhesives are also a better option for sensitive clients as some people are allergic to carbon black and not cyanoacrylate. 

Black adhesives are virtually the same as clear adhesives just with the added carbon black component. Some lash artists find the clear adhesive hard to see and therefore prefer the black adhesives for visual reasons. 

Both adhesives can work great in the right environment so it ultimately comes down to personal preference! Its best to try both out and see what you find works best for you and your clients. 

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