Eyelash technician courses by Lashiivo are designed to help you learn new skills and take your craft to better heights! No matter if you’re just starting your journey as a lash technician, or have some experience but are looking for a good way to perfect your craft, our lash extension training provides everything you need to improve your approach.


What Does a 2-Day Live Lashiivo Lash Extension Course Entail?

1. Theoretical Components

Our eyelash extension classes start right at the beginning and offer an in-depth look into the many theoretical components of the craft. You will go over:

  • Eye anatomy basics
  • Eye functions
  • Lash lifecycle
  • The science behind glues and removers
  • How to improve client care
  • Proper lash hygiene, both in-office and at-home recommendations

This section is designed to offer the artist the necessary informational background that will be used to build the practical skills in a safe, and effective manner. You’ll be able to fully understand every single element of the process in a comprehensive way, like pieces of a wider puzzle.

By the end, you’ll be able to perform your craft in the best way possible!

2. Live Demonstrations

You cannot learn eyelash application processes from a textbook alone, which is why our professional eyelash extension training sessions include live demonstrations that show you exactly how the theoretical knowledge applies in a real-life scenario.

First, the demonstrations will occur on mannequins to allow you sufficient space to learn and practice. Mistakes are bound to happen, and practicing on mannequins first allows you to make such mistakes, and take the steps to correct them before a client comes in.

Then, you can move on to practice your skills on our models, and put your skills to the test in a real-life scenario, albeit controlled, that will be present to guide you through the process.

You’ll practice:

  • Mapping
  • Isolation
  • Eyelash application

Our trainers will be by your side and provide constant feedback and advice on how to improve.

Why Should You Choose Lashiivo?

1. Flexible Learning Styles

Our eyelash extension classes are available both in small-group sessions or 1-on-1 private sessions, so you can choose the best learning environment for yourself. If you know that you can successfully learn in a group, or think you require the full attention of the trainer, we have the right classes for you.

2. Official Recognition

Each artist who completes our course will receive a Lashiivo™ official certificate that will help them launch into this artistry, on top of some of the best training in the entire industry. Lashiivo is a well-known brand from Regina, Saskatchewan that can help you successfully enter the industry.

3. You'll Have A Team Dedicated to Helping You

Lashiivo is fully dedicated to helping anyone looking to start a journey as an eyelash technician gain the necessary knowledge and skills to do so successfully. With our classes, you learn how to do an amazing job your future clients will rave about!

4. Additional Benefits

Our classes guarantee a lifetime mentorship from our award-winning lash trainer Blaze Lloyd, so you can rest assured you will be supported throughout your entire career. Graduates will also get a starter kit of Lashiivo lash products, valued at over $600, which can be used to start your work as an eyelash technician.

Join the Lashiivo Family

Are you ready to take your artistry to the next level and lash on to what we have to offer? Then look at the available courses and book your spot today! 

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