Welcome to the new generation of lash tweezers - the no "sweet spot" micro-grip tweezers! This one of a kind tweezer design offers many unique beneficial features. The most integral part of this tweezer is the embedded fine steel, micro-grip feature which is evenly distributed on the entire foot of the tweezer. This enables lash artists to pick up various thicknesses of lashes such as 0.07, 0.05, 0.03 and even 0.02 lashes from anywhere on the foot of the tweezer. There is no "sweet spot" area in which you must pick up the fan like average tweezers require! This ultimately results in no more slipping of lashes during fanning, pick up or placement allowing you to create perfect Russian Volume and Mega Volume fans with ease. 

High quality tweezers require high quality care. Instructions for proper care: 

- Sterilize tweezers in a medical grade sterilizing solution (we reccomend Pre-Empt CS20). It is essential that you DO NOT to not leave the tweezers in the solution for longer than the recommended time. 

- Store tweezers in a covered, sterile container once sterilized. We recommend our Tweezer Display Stand. Be sure to always fully dry the tweezers off before placing them into your desired storage container. 

- Do not file, bend or alter the tweezers. 

- Ensure that the tweezer is only ever used for lashing purposes. Do not grab strips of lashes from the tray with the tweezer as it can damage the tweezer. 

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