We often get asked.. what material is used to make lash extensions? Is it silk? Mink? Faux Mink? What is faux mink?

So we're here today to break it down for you. The short answer is that all lash extensions (besides those that are still sadly made with real mink, which we would never recommend using) are made from sterilized PBT. 

All synthetic lash extensions are made from a soft, plastic finer called Polybutylene Terephthalate (AKA. PBT🤓). PBT is a thermoplastic semi - crystalline polymer that is heated and then shaped into the desired lash curl that sets as it cools. 

So now that we know what lashes are made out of... what's the difference between silk and faux mink?

Silk and Mink are usually used to describe the taper of the lash extension. One usually has a 1/3 taper and the other with a 2/3 taper. For lashiivo, our faux mink lashes have a 2/3 taper which gives them a darker and bolder effect when applied. But each brand is different with what taper they use to describe their lash extensions. 

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