Learn the art of classic eyelash extensions from our award winning lash trainer, Blaze Lloyd. Our Classic Eyelash Extension training takes place over the course of two days. It includes theory, live demos and practical application on both mannequins and live models. 

The morning portion of the course is theory, which will include:

➰ Eye anatomy, functions and lash life cycle. 

➰ Treatment Equipment and Product Knowledge

➰ Lash Extension Composition and Structure

➰ Eye health conditions + Allergies 

➰ Workspace Set Up

➰ Lash Artist Health + Safety

➰ Client care + Lash hygiene 

➰ Mapping / styling 

➰Science behind glues + removers

➰Application Theory

➰ Lash Fills

➰ Aftercare and Lash shedding

➰ Business Skills / Marketing

➰How to build a clientele

➰ Social Media Management

➰ Photography 

The afternoon portion of the course consist of hands-on work with live models where students will work on mapping, isolation, and application. Each student is given feedback followed by a question period if needed. 

The second day consists of two more models and a written exam. The final model is the model that students are graded on. Upon passing both the hands-on and written exam students will be granted an official lashiivo ™ classic eyelash extension certification. 

The kit includes: 

- 7 trays of classic eyelash extensions

- Two tweezers

- 5ML bottle of adhesive

- Cream Remover

- Under Eye Patches

- Mascara Wands

- Foam Cleanser

- Adhesive Wipes

- A lash tile + holder

- Micro Swabs

- Lip masks 

Course Includes: 

- Lash Kit valued at over $600

- Lunch both days

- Lifetime Mentorship

- Official lashiivo ™ certificate 

- One time student discount code of 20% off. 

- & Your fav Starbucks drink to get your day started!


** No refunds. 

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