Flat Lashes - 0.15 Single Length Trays

$8 $18

The darkest lashes you've ever seen just hit the floor! Our Noir Collection lashes undergo three separate black dyeing sessions to create the richest, dark black colour and quality available on the market. 

These exclusive flat lashes are constructed with a soft, semi matte, ultra light weight, PBT material to ensure the highest level of quality for our valued lash artists. 

Flat lashes are the perfect option for clients with a sparse lash line or those who desire a dark classic lash look. Additionally, they also offer better retention due to their wider bonding surface area. They are lighter in weight than a regular classic lash and are intended to be used alongside our regular classic lashes or volume lashes for an enhanced textured lash look.

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Everything you wanna know about our world-reowned lash collection:
  • 16 rows, approximately 4,000 lashes per tray
  • Dyed three times with ultra dark black pigment to give the utmost deep black finish 
  • The lashes undergo a lengthy double heated process for increased curl retention and durability.
  • Lash Strip: 2mm with medium stickiness for optimal fanning. Orange in colour for increased visibility. 
  • Each strip is labeled with the curl, diameter, and length for your convenience. 
  • Foil backed strips (see ya never, sticky paper residue)
  • Fibre Type: 100% Synthetic Korean PBT
  • Taper: 1/3 taper for optimal lash density
  • Finish: Semi - Matte
  • Made by hand
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable material
  • All our lashes are 100 percent vegan and handcrafted with love from cruelty-free fibers.
We told ya, seriously - these lashes are the bomb.

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