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Article: How to Avoid Pain While Lashing

How to Avoid Pain While Lashing

How to Avoid Pain While Lashing

Lashing is the best job ever- but sometimes it can literally be a pain in the butt, neck, wrist and eyes. As lash artists, we are often sitting in the same position for long amounts of time and using our hands in a very specific way. A job like this that calls for ultra precision and repetitive motion can cause strain on the body over time. 
Let's check out some ways to avoid pain while lashing.


Hands & Wrists

We use our hands and wrists on the daily, and we need them to work so that we can work!

Our first tip for keeping your wrists pain-free is to always move your wrists forward and backward instead of moving them side to side while lashing. Moving your wrists side to side for a prolonged amount of time is unhealthy for the their joints, and can cause long term pain. 

The next tip we have is to pay attention to the pressure you're putting on your tweezers while fanning. Though fanning requires a lot of tweezer pressure, you want to make sure that you aren't using TOO much pressure. Using too much pressure can cause muscle strain in your wrist and cramps in your hands.  

Lastly, we recommend always taking care of your hands. You can do this by stretching your fingers and wrists, using stress balls, getting massages, and even getting manicures! 



It is super important to take care of your back and body as a lash artist. Working long hours everyday can take a toll on your body very quickly. 

Our first tip to take of your body while lashing is to have an ergonomic set up. A saddle stool is the best choice because they activate what is called your "deep trunk stabilizing muscles" which have been shown to prevent lower back pain. It is also important that you get a recliner or lash bed that you can put your legs under. The clients head should always fall into your lap and be parallel to your chest. 

Our next tip is to move your clients head around during the appointment. Our necks should not be twisting, and kinking in a hundred different ways during every appointment. Don't be afraid to move your clients head around so that you can reach different sections of their lashes as you need to. It will not only benefit you, but also your client. They often don't want to be laying in the same position the whole time anyway!

Our last tip is to make sure you're moving around in between clients. Take a few minutes to stretch, walk around and get your body moving in between clients. If you sit in the same position all day you WILL be sore by the end of the night. Your body will thank you for moving around even a little bit. 


We hope these tips help you pro-long your lash career and help prevent any pain that may come from being a lash artist!


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