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Discover the luxurious world of lashes with our unique, rich black, hand - crafted, eyelash extensions. 

The Opal Collection lashes were created with an exclusive soft, semi - gloss, ultra light weight, PBT material to ensure the highest level of quality for our valued lash artists. The lashes have a 1/3 taper, which allows our artists to create bold lash looks with ease. Our lash strips were created with a state of the art micro laser technology, which creates optimal strip sickness for seamless lash fanning.

All of our eyelash extensions undergo a lengthy double heated process for increased curl retention and durability. 


- Mixed Trays include lengths 7-14mm.  

- Material: Korean PBT

- Our tray comes with 16 lines of lashes, 30% more than the average lash tray. 

- Orange strip for increased visibility when fanning on the strip. 

- Foil backed strip; no more sticky residue on your tile!

- No blue hue's.

- Each strip is labeled with the curl, diameter, and length for your convenience. 

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