Chrysalis Clear Adhesive


It's all eyes on Chrysalis when she's in the room. Created with the same technology as Black Gold, Chrysalis is a force to be reckoned with. Chrysalis is Black Gold, without the pigment. Therefore, this adhesive is more concentrated allowing the glue to bond and wrap like none other. Also much more suitable for "sensitive" lash clients as there is no carbon black in this glue, which is usually the main ingredient that clients will react to if they are sensitive. 


➰1-2 second dry time. 

➰Can be used for both classic and volume lash application. 

➰Thin - medium viscosity.

➰Latex and formaldehyde free. 

➰ Water and oil resistant. 

➰ FDA approved.

➰Major flexibility for seamless lash wrapping. 

➰ Clear in colour. 

➰Up to 8 weeks retention. 

➰Low fumes. 

➰Humidity: Optimal between 35% - 65%. 

➰Temperature: Optimal between 22°C - 26°C. 

➰Storage: Best stored in an airtight container between 10°C - 22°C. 

➰Shelf Life: 6 months unopened, 4 weeks if opened. 

➰Prep: Before using the glue, shake the bottle rapidly for two minutes before use. For optimal retention, dispose of the first drop of glue. 

➰Aftercare: Our state of the art technology allows the glue to be created in an environment that does not require a 24hour wait period before getting the eyelash extensions wet. In optimal conditions (listed above), the glue will fully cure in just under five minutes. After that time is up, it is safe to get the eyelash extensions wet! 

➰5ML / 0.16 FL.OZ. 

➰For professional use only. 

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