Are you struggling to find the perfect place to put your Promade (handmade) fans? Maybe you've tried putting them into little jars or sticking your fans to tape? Well whatever you have tried, won't stand a chance against our Promade storage kit!

This storage kit is perfectly designed with 16 strips and removable card for easy usage when you are ready to put your Promade fans to work! Just simply pre make your fans, stick them onto the sticky tape and store until your ready to use them. 


Additional Information: 

- Comes in a pack of three trays. 

- Each row is labelled accordingly from 6-14mm. 

- Includes one acrylic container and storage card per tray. 

- One tray can store approximately 950+ fans depending on how close the fans are placed to each other. 

- Entirely reusable. The strips are designed to have lots of stickiness so that you may reuse the cards time and time again. 

- The card may be removed for easy use on clients. 

**Please note that these DO NOT include any fans. The intended purpose of the trays is to act as a storage container for handmade fans. 

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